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Communicating your message through video.


After initial contact we begin pre-production either in person or over the phone and/or email. Production is scheduled and completed over one or several days depending on the content required for your project. If we are filming your project, we will be there in person. If we are handling post-production only, all footage will be captured and shipped to us on a hard drive or we will access it via FTP.

Post production is a combination of you editing with us and seeing your project take form on the big screen and us working on our own. When the project is nearing completion, you visit the studio for a screening. At this point we can fine tune your project to your specifications. We can make approval files for your principals and stake holders to review via our cloud server.

If you are not able to edit with us in person, instructions are followed per your wishes and progress is shared with you by way of download links.

After approvals we provide you with finished files in the format of your choice.

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